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Post-War Compromise and Prosperity, Pt.1

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Post-War Compromise and Prosperity, Pt.1 -Labor’s Gains - Union Legitimacy -> Unions were not widely accepted, they were legal but some laws made their actions illegal -> Legal system legitimizes the rights and actions of unions ->After war, lots of new laws passed and put in place -Pluralism – idea that in idea, society functions best when you recognize that not everybody in soviet, society works best when a certain amount of competition exists and there is plurality of interests -> Specifically industrial pluralism in this case -> Want stability by allowing some about and level of competition, -> Collective bargaining =good model -> Conservative idea -> Concerned about order but allowing competition without having whole system fall apart - Union Financial Stability -Planning long term - Craft unions have always been able to do so, - Unions wanted to be seen as established - “Big labour” -1940=no one used this term, 1950s=everyone used this term - Status of Workers - Mistrust of workers -Unskilled industrial workers =seen as poor - -Since ghr Day v - Fordism &Keynes - Fordist idea of looking at workers as people who w
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