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Experience & Role of Immigrant Workers- Pt..1 Immigration and Development Immigration is needed to fill places up -Markets were needed for manufacturers -bring more people in they settle they work they get income they buy -Laurier recruited Immigrants National Policy Late 19 Century Early 20 century boom Varied Experiences Skilled Workers: coming with a pretty high level of confidence that they could find jobs -if you were a skilled worker in relatively good times in the economy it was a good thing -transition often involved getting involved with the labour movement -immigrants came from areas that had higher labour movement -however, a vast majority of immigrants were unskilled -Unskilled -Hardship & Insecurity (constant struggle) -Levels of Control -Community Support & Ethnic Niches -extremely dangerous work -most of these jobs did not last that long -most of these immigrants who came to Canada came into debt -Ethnic niches are niches in job markets, through mutual support immigrants often carved out an area where they could get a little more comfortable -Asian Immigration: never comprised of more than 4 percent, most years it was less than 2 -hostility towards Asians were quite high -exploitation of the Asians during the building of the railway -in jobs like mining, it was Chinese workers who were sent to do the most dangerous work -very clear hierarchy -levels of injury and sever illness among Chinese workers was extremely high -Small numbers -Ethnic Exploration -mining boom brought more immigrants to work -because of that that adds another layer of hardship as well -Garment areas in cities like Hamilton, and new york became known as the Jewish areas Annual Immigration- Late 19 Century 1870s-30,000 to 35,000 early 1880s-120,000 late 1880s- under 90,000 mid 1890s- under 30,000 Development policy Annual Immigration- Early 20 century 1870s-30,000 to 35,000 early 1880s-120,000 late 1880s- under 90,000 mid 1890s- under 30,000 1913- 400,000 (big change) Experience & Role of Immigrant Workers- Pt.2 Stereotypes= Range -Economy & Jobs -Political, Social and Medical Widespread Hostility Racialization Restrictive Policies International Influences Barriers to Black Migration 100 years ago the amount of hostility towards immigrants were ve
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