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Labour Studies
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Resisting Industrialization Lecture 2-Birth of the Labour Movement Broadening Out at 1 union activism -local -isolated -By late 1860’s:broadening out Growth Within Trades Across Towns, Cities, Regions -expand control of trades Key- Union Card: show this card at a union shop -you agree to work at the union rate if you have a union card Set Union Rate International Unionism Unique Thing of Canadian Unions -Join U.S Based Unions (printers) Upsides -Number one resources -Experience Downsides -Control -Hostile Press: biggest issue that they faced Perspective Today Local Councils Represent Different Trades In 1 City -Hamilton Trades Assembly (1865) -Toronto Trades Assembly (1871) Local Voice (of labour) -Strike support, Boycotts Later: Political Lobbying Ninestour Movement 1 Broad Campaign on One Issue Issue: Hours of Work 9hr day, 6 days a week -54 hour week -Weekends? “Communist Talk” -Work until your boss says so Challenging Views of Workers  “Fruits of Progress” -society are making huge advances and we need to make sure workers are getting some sort of reward or reform  Victorian Values Again -challenged victorian values  Fear of Idle Masses -good as a means of control Turning Victorianism Self-Help Civic Role Family Role -need fathers at home raising their kids and sons in particular But Problem=time -if we are working all the time we can not d
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