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Lecture 9

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Hayley Dawson March 12 , 2013 Progress and Frustrations in Wartime (Part Two) Issues Propaganda  Lots of propaganda during the war about how Canadians needed to contribute  Appealed to Canadian sense of duty and idealism  War is about fighting oppression, dictatorship, defending country  Protecting Britain as Canadians Profiteering  People making money off of conditions during the war  Most basic was people doing contracts with the government  Need certain amounts of guns built, bullets, shells  Canadian companies are showing themselves to be cheap when it comes to the goods they are making  Trying to profit as much as possible so being cheap with quality of supplies  If you hid materials from the war it was illegal  1916: British government ordered Canada to stop being cheap or they would stop buying from them Inflation  Happening because lots of goods become scarce because they are being rationed for the war  So few supplies so prices go up  1916: prices raising faster than wages  Wages are going up and employment is steady but prices going up higher  Win-the-War sentiment gets stronger  People not in the war should not complain when soldiers are overseas fighting Ethnic Minorities  Large waves of immigration came right before the war  Hostility and tension went up during the war  Especially against immigrants coming from enemy countries (Germany, Austria-Hungarian empire)  Would round them up and put them into camps  Start to see divisions in the labour movement Dilution  Another word for deskilling  Deskilling accelerates dramatically  Governments and businesses are under huge pressure to produce more  Want to out-produce Germany and produce enough for the war effort Hayley Dawson March 12 , 2013  This is not temporary  New technologies/techniques will stay after the war Women’s Work  Women are doing heavy industry work during war  Women are moved into lots of areas of work  A lot of craft unions say that it is not worth it to organize these women because they will not stay after the war  When increasing numbers get brought in to work force, craft unions do not want to organize them  Do not organize them because are women and are not skilled Industrial Unionism  Organizing all workers in an industry  Increasingly the motto that needs to be followed because of changing, dilution  Need mass unionism in wartime because are all getting frustrated Bolshevik Revolution  Enormous inspiration to some people  Russia was example of backwards authoritarian regime  Before war people pointed to Russia for regime who oppressed everything  Regime is overthrown in war  Gives other people hope  One of biggest powers in world is now workers revolutionary party  Amongst elites Bolshevik revolution is terrifying Broadly: Growth and Roadblocks  Get employers saying that labour organizers are traitors  Making workers create trouble during the war instead of participating in war effort is treason  Government gives itself more power  Bans radicalization to oppress unions  When workers go on strike the government comes down and suppresses it New Government Powers  Government bans all foreign language newspapers and publication  If you were distributing these you would get arrested  Give themselves new powers to arrest  Tension rises Late War: Open Divisions  Radical group gets increasingly radical, frustrated and larger  Conservative element are digging in stronger Hayley Dawson March 12 , 2013 Tom Moore  Elected by conservatives  Very conservative and dull  Liked him because he was not going to let anything happen and was not going to threaten anyone  Radical element is defeated in the Trades and Labour Congress trying to push a more radical agenda (industrial unionism, etc.)  1918: radicals organize to break away from mainstream movement because fail One Big Union  Idea by radicals (IWW)  Organize all workers into one union  Organize for a general strike  By end of war, radicals are planning to create own congress and planning for one big union The Workers’ Revolt (Part One) Mounting Tension Spanish Influenza  During last months of war government was concerned with divisions between French and English  After war was concerned with divisions between workers and employers  Even more concerned during Spanish Influenza  Public gatherings not allowed, public meetings were cancelled  Greater strain on social issues  Workers were hit hardest with influenza New Depression  Economy after war was not good  Businesses wanted to go back to normal after war  Go into depression after war  Returning soldiers returned to unemployment  Fuels tension more Government Controls  Government keeps War Measures Act in place  Keeps powers in place and expands powers more  Did not need charge to arrest someone Growing Strike Wave Hayley Dawson March 12 , 2013  1919: largest strike wave in Canada up to this point  Workers going out to strike in large numbers  Almost every industry is picketing  Very large in Winnipeg Shop-Floor Anger  Leadership was coming from workers that were fed up not prominent radicals  Workers began to just walk off jobs Western Canada Labour Conference March 1919  Congress goes well  Send official greetings to Soviet Union and Lenin Plans for the OBU  More and more steps toward creating One Big Union  Organizations call themselves the OBU  One Big Union never really happens  Gets sideswiped by the Winnipeg General Strike The Workers’ Revolt (Part Two) Winnipeg General Strike Local Proble
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