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Lecture 2

Pre-Industrial work and Staple Industry (Tuesday Week 2)

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Labour Studies 1A03 Tuesday Week 2 Staples: extracting or acquiring resource commodities in order to sell them to an external market (don’t manufacture, only resource)  Dominated early economy  Harold Innis= Classic definition Canadian staples:  Fish=Grand Banks (massive amounts of COD fish)  migratory fishery o Rough work (always wet and cold) o Most jobs in boats, which required discipline  Residential fishery o Starts with placeholding o Develops in New Foundland fishery  Ouports (fishing stations develop into settlings) o Structural disadvantages  Fish prices  Debt o Isolation  Merchants once a year o Distinct Culture  Fur o Truly unique trade (commerce between different peoples) o Commerce and interchange between peoples o Mutual dependency  Aboriginals: trapping  Whites: Trade goods o Great exchange to create relationships between buyers and sellers (uncivilized to do trade without a relationship) o Montreal Based Trade:  Emerges later  Funded by the Bank of Montreal  Opposite than Hudson bay, they go too aboriginals o Network for trade is based on proximity to water routes o Voyageurs Experience:  voyagers for trade  Injury, fear, wilderness, freedom, liminality  Timbre o Dangerous industry Keys to Canadian Staples:  Seasonal  Small Settlement  Small labour force Not as many slaves in Canada  Huge demand for slave labour with big repercussions (in the USA) o 80% were slaves who came to USA from 150-1830 Pre-Industrial Work (Lecture 2: Settlers and Wage Labour) Agricultural Sector  #1 sector of economy by 19 thcentury o Draw to Canadian colonies (attracted people) o Identify to colonies  Lower Canada: Habitant  Especially Upper Canada: Pioneer Society o Draws to New World and identifies the New World o Farmers was supposed to create open space freedom without social hierarchy. o Canadian colonies did not have a wild west (but still had independence)
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