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Labour Studies
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Lecture 1 Lecture 1 – Staple Production Montreal Based Trade Draw of Draw the New World  Emerges later - Gold – looking for opportunity  Goes to the Aboriginals - God – trying to convert aboriginal  Pressures from Imports people to Christianity  Voyageurs – aboriginals who canoe - Glory - their way from montreal (from St. Lawrence River) to Newfoundland – Staples very large canoes  Dominates Early Economy  Harold Innis = Classic Definition Portages o “business of extracting or  Canoe full of stuff (trading goods) – acquiring resource carrying the entire canoe commodities in order to sell them to an external market.” Voyageur Experience 1st Staple : Fish = Grand Banks  Injury  Near Newfoundland and Nova Scotia  Fear and PEI  Wilderness  Lots of cod fish  Freedom o Environment Residential Fishery  “Liminarlity” – being on the edge  Starts with Placeholding between two different societies  Develops into Newfoundland Fishery  Maudite – French Beer o Outports Life ins Residential Fishery Keys to Canadian Staples  Seasonal  “Life is on the Water”  Small settlement  Structural Disadvantages  Small labour force o Fish prices o Debt Bigger Issue: What’s Missing?  Isolation – develop their own  Staples language and their own culture  Sugar  Distinct Culture Scale of Slavery 2 Staple : Fur Trade  10 -12 Million  Deaths in Passage  Truly Unique Trade  % of Total Migration 150 – 1830?  Commerce and Interchange Between Peoples Lecture 2: Pre-Industrial Work  Mutual Dependency o Aboriginals: Trapping (Settlement and Wages) o Whites: Trade Goods Agricultural Sector  Cultural event were used to get to  #1 by early 19 century know both groups better because o Re. Importance to Economy trading with strangers was seen as uncivilized o Re. Draw to Canadians Colonies 2 Labor Studies o Re. Identity of Colonies View of Paid Labour  Lower Canada:  Transition Stage Habitant  Air of Failure  Especially Upper
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