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Lecture 6

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McMaster University
Labour Studies
David Goutor

Assignment 2Easier to focus on when the knights were around and what they didthWorkers and the Second Industrial Revolution February 12Economic and Technological TransformationsPart One Broad Overview of ChangesCorporate Capitalism o Corporations become so big that they are household names o Ex GM Ford ChryslerWhy it can be called second industrial revolution o Coming of mass production assembly lines o Rise of major corporations o New skylinesContext Economic BoomCanada economy starts to turn around in 1896Second industrial revolution 1900Agriculture o New techniques to make prairie farming much more volatile o Prairies fill up major wave of settlement o Farms start to become very productive o Canadian wheat is exported all over the world o Canada is number one exporter of wheatResources o Main part of Canadian economy o Agriculture o Miningo Becomes big player in world of mining o Lots of mining resources tin copper gold iron coal o Cities formed that did not exist before because of this o Lots of money to be made in mining o Pulp and Paper o Most of major newspapers were printed in CanadaWilfred Laurier o President for three elections o Lays foundation for long period of liberalpolitical dominance o Stays in power for so long because adopts settlement railway builds more tax on imports protects Canadian industryManufacturing o Resources are almost all for export o Manufacturing is almost all domestic mostly not exported o Other outside companies want to sell goods in Canada when economy takes off o Companies jump over tariff wall and set up plants in Canada
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