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Lecture 13

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Hayley Dawson April 9 , 2013 (Continued from last week) Post-War Compromise and Prosperity (Part Two) Downsides Limits on Union Activity  Trade off of Rand Formula  Collective bargaining is legal  Outside of that they do not have as wide a range of activity as they used to  Keep production flowing, do not strike  If have a problem, must grieve it  Organizers are not as powerful Bureaucratization  Unions have the money to hire bureaucrats  When union bureaucrats won grievances, the unions did not complain  World of the union and people working within union become more separated from the average worker  Workers not always told about rules in collective agreements or what the grievances are about “Workers’ Control” & “Management Rights”  Unions always tried to control the workplace  Wanted to have some say over what is happening in the workplace  Wagner model set in: o Unions less focused on winning control o More focused on winning grievances o Not disrupting production  Managements rights clause: anything not explicitly covered in the collective agreement, management has the rule and can do whatever it wants  Union and management must follow agreement  If not in agreement, management decides what happens  Ex: o If new technology comes into workplace: workers cannot really anticipate this so will not be in agreement o Job security: if there needs to be layoffs, hard for unions to bargain in advance Industrial Democracy vs. Collective Bargaining  Unions seen as focused on collective bargaining  Unions now increasingly seen as only about money, conditions, benefits Broader Social Reform  Unions did not focus on a few narrow issues  Like KOL focused on bigger issues, social issues Hayley Dawson April 9 , 2013  Unions no longer seen as people who will push for social reforms  1960s: new waves of activism and mobilization  Most of waves do not see unions as groups that will help them/push their ideas Post-War Compromise and Prosperity (Part Three) Cold War  The struggle between capitalism and communism  The US vs. the Soviet Union  US is the economic superpower  Soviet Union is military superpower  Struggle between capitalism and communism is a foreign affairs issue  Were other aspects to the war: domestic politics and labour politics  Domestic polities: o The threat of communism was not just the Soviet Union invading o Was the appeal of communism to the public Culture Wars  France and Italy: communist parties were getting a lot of votes  US tried to push that capitalism was a better system  Capitalism was eager to prove it was the better way  Put pressure on businesses to listen to unions Purges of Communists  Some of top leaders were communists  Needed to get rid of communists  Purges happen in government and Hollywood  Unions start to feel like they have to get rid of communists within their ranks  Get rid of them by changing rules  Turns labour movement into snake pit  Turned a lot of energy inward so did not get a lot done outside Limits on Dissent  Prosperity “The Golden Age”  The way the economy grew  Grew by five or six percent from mid-40s to mid-70s  Standards of living went way up  Standard of living of typical blue-collar union member doubled between 1945 and 1970 Hayley Dawson April 9 , 2013  Average UAW worker’s standard of living went up by 270%  Governments could pay to do more  People were not as worried about being laid off  “The Golden Age” ends in mid 1970s Merger  Unions not behaving as radically  Do not want to spend so much effort fighting against each other  Merging of TLC and CCL  The Canadian Labor Congress (CLC) 1956  Reunited labour movement Public Sector Unionism Basic Concepts
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