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Labour Studies
David Goutor

stLabour Studies1 Lecture 9102013 112200 AM thTutorials start week of September 25PreIndustrial WorkStaple ProductionFirst IRBritain 1750sUS Northern France parts of Germanyearly 1800sCanada1850s1860sDraw of New World 3 Gs Gold God GloryGold for wealthGod missionariesGlory militaryDevelopment of Staple Industry dominate shaping form of economyStaple industry is a resource industry Ex Oil o Harold Innis definitionbusiness of extracting or acquiring resource commodities in order to sell them to an external marketPlaceholding European sailors stayed overseas in Canadaovertime developed into Nfld FisheryOutports focused out along the water some of first settlements in th18 centuryStructural DisadvantagesFish PricesDebtIsolation no connections to society Life is on the water Distinct CultureFirst Staple Industry Fishing Second Staple Industry Fur TradeLargest interchange btwn peoples btwn whites aboriginals etcMutual Dependency o Aboriginals trapping o Whites Trade GoodsVoyageur Experience InjuryFearWildernessFreedom o EnvironmentLiminalitycreated their own cultureth1 Staple in 19 centuryTimber Industrybiggest resource industry in Canadabest logging time is winter dragging trees is easierculture is dangerous isolatedKeys to Canadian StaplesSeasonalSmall Settlement o Big cities do not develop around these industriesSmall Labour Force o Low demandSlave LabourCanadian slave stats o 1012 million o80 of Total Migration 15001830 from across Atlantic were slaves in the new worldNew world suppose to be land of the free Industrialization 9102013 112200 AM Reading Gender at Work Gender at HomeMontreal 186080Canadas firstlargest industrial city the workshopMost important industries water transportation shoemaking clothing foodbeverages Males were divided into 4 groups 025 day separated groups o 1 Skilled workersbest paidmost secure engineers machinists etc o 2 Skilled workers in constructionsubject to seasonalconjectural unemployment o 3 Workers in trades that were deskillingreorganizing the shoemakers o 4 Unskilled laborersWomen worked as domestic servants dressmakers etc o Wages were half of males or lessFamily members called upon to help earn save cash or limit spending Boys above 15 were expected to workPreIndustrial WorkSettlersWage LabourAgricultural Sector th 1 in early 19 century o Re Importance to Economy o Re Draw to Canadian ColoniesWhat people are coming for o Re Identity of ColoniesLower Canada habitant French Canadian farmersEspecially Upper CaandaPioneer SocietyFarmers coming for the New World USfrontier society a place of open space its a new start o Canada had similar imageIndependence does not mean subsistence
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