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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Rise of the C.I.O prt 3 (missed prev lecture) Canada  canada is known as a cold hard country, support for the poor was limited, and openness to new ideas was not great  worker interest in new unions were quite hot, sense of new organization was needed  politics and government role -governments in canada are extremely hostile, and repressive ex. in quebec the goverenment was extremely authoritarian (passed laws for authority to put padlocks on any location that seemed sketchy)  mitchell hepburn ontario premier for 19 30's liberal...opposed to industrial unions  Oshawa G.M 1937- sit down strike trying to establish industrial unionism and force the big companies to recognize this ind. unionism, the level of support for strike was high  GM gives in and recognises the union..Hepburn told GM not to do this  hepburn orders police to break up strike, when they refuse he hires his own police...gets these kids from uni of toronto and orders them to kick ass in oshawa  response of strike: protest against "special police" these people are veterans and still supporting the strike  breakthrough but there isn't a huge progress in terms of all of Canada  split 1939 the parent organization of us orders canadas trades and labour congress to throw out all unions  Canadian Congress of Labor, st 1940  don't get a big growth of industrial unions but you do get a split Breakthrough in WWII prt 1  National Transformation -early attitude :low enthusiasm for war, sense that Canada doens't have alot of resources, wants to fight the war differently then ww1 -economy..Canada lagged behind, Britain and USA were end of WW2 Canada is a leading economic country, industrial advances -government policy: focuses on avoiding last time mistakes -strict controls on society and economy like they did in WW1, avoid profiteering, war mobilization -national select service manages wear workers and soldiers should go  Organized Labour's surge : grows dramatically even more than ww1  AFL/TLC growth ..a lot of early growth is in AFL unions..AFL doesn't disappear it continues to grow -as war goes on.. -CIO growth starts pushing into a lot of industries -communists role : push for this CIO growth, communists are very cautious during war, communism is not banned during war, -Pat Sullivan  Organized Labour's Frustrations.. workers and unions are frusterated -government policy wants economy to keep making guns and keeps everything to stop strikes and wages rising did not want inf
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