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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Labour Studies ­ 1A03 ­ January 14'th 2014 • Lecture 2 : Settlers & Wage Labour • Agricultural sector: #1 industry by early 19'th century -Labour intensive, settlement intensive industry -Settler agricultural societies; draw in large populations • Biggest reason why people are coming into the New World • The myth of the independent farm; drawing people in 'if you come to the new world, the free land available allows you to become independent and get away from rigid control (nobility in Europe)' -US sees itself as a frontier society (a place for independence) -Canada as well (not in the same way as US but a high sense of people making a life for themselves here) • Independence: -not subsistence -Not just 'eat what you grow' -Become a producer for markets; produce enough on your farm to sell, and make enough to be your own boss (nobody can tell you what to do) Staples in agriculture industry: Grain, Dairy, Beef and Poultry • You decide what to plant, what to grow, where to sell (nobody is your boss) • Value of independence: You make your own decisions -Respectability: People who achieved this independence proved themselves in the New World Backbone of the community - referred to these people Reaped their reward for hard work Proven yourself as a Man when you are your own boss, nobody tells you what to do • Problem: Start up costs -Land that was good for agriculture was very expensive -Most people had to buy la
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