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Lecture 3

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Labour Studies ­ 1A03 ­ January 14'th 2014 • Lecture 3: Early Trades & Unions • Craft Workers: Workers highly skilled in trade -very prominent role in communities -Almost all production was local -Came from within communities, had to be self sufficient, transportation not well developed enough for import and export -This meant that skilled workers were needed to produce these consumer goods -Master Craftsmen • Producers -Provided for the community, an ideology: "we produce the essential needs for the community" -Community relies on them -Level of skill in their work plays a huge role in the community -Some communities gain an identity based on their skills (ex. some communities well known for carpentry) • Small Scale Production -Ten footers; - very small shops -Most attached to the home of the master craftsmen -Strong connection between work and home, master craftsmen plays a major role in the business -Becomes a Family Business -Sons become apprentices in the shop -Personal connection is developed in business,, relationship was not strictly commercial, level of personal bond • Roles in the shop -Clear hierarchy (Master craftsmen- highly skilled, run and own the shop) (Journeyman- skilled workers, not at the top, usually employees or helpers of the master craftsmen, learning the trade) (Apprentices:-younger boys, never daughter, learning the ways of the trade) -Authority is clear, and known by all Paternalism: (relationship modeled on father) -Master craftsman w
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