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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Pre-Industrial Work Lecture 1: Staple Production Timing of First Industrial Revolution - Britain- st.1750’s - United States, Northern France, parts of Germany= early 1800;s - Canada- 1850’s and 1860’s Draw of the New World - Gold - God (missionaries trying to convert others) - Glory (military) Staples - Dominates Early Economy - Harold Innis= Classic Definition • “Business of extracting or acquiring resource commodities in order to sell them to an external market.” - Staples are resource industries - Canada has many staples that they need (eg. oil made in Alberta and then sold to the States) - What were the early staples? • Fish= Grand Banks • Migratory Fishery- a lot of the early fishing in the 1500’s worked in bad weather conditions; the fish caught were so thick and large, “the boat skidded against the ground” • 18 to early 19 century ships were sailing on wavy water and bad weather conditions while they fished, workers had protective clothing Residential Fishery - Starts with Placeholding (living in Newfoundland so they can be close to good fishing spots) - Development of families in outport spots - Develops into Newfoundland Fishery • Outports (the best fishing spots) - Outport fishing spots become popular living spots (Eg. Portugal Cove, c.1900) Life in Residential Fishery - “Life is on the water” - Structural Disadvantages • Fish prices • Debt- pricey to start off (flaking) - Isolation - Distinct Culture Fur Trade - Truly unique trade - Commerce and Interchange etween peoples - Mutual dependency • Aboriginals: trapping • Whites: trade goods
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