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Lecture 4

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Lecture 4 Survival Strategies for Working Class Families Outline: Emergence of Working Class Life of Hardships • Breadwinner’s wage • Insecurity Victorian Ideology Victorian Charity ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Emergence of Working Class Life of Hardships - It was hard to get by, it was a struggle - Breadwinners’ wage= a wage sufficient to provide enough for the rest of the family so that no additional wages are needed to provide for the family - Head of the family (father) went to work, and mother worked at home and took care of kids and house - With this came insecurity—lots of depressions, and a lot of people were unemployed - Most people did not have long term jobs, and so this also caused insecurity. They did have not any compensation if they got injured or sick or got old. You lived off the income of wage earners and if they had problems, basically no back-up - If they lost their jobs, it was hard for them to find another one Victorian Ideology - Dominant ideology of the day (Victorian Era, 1837-1901) - All about self-help - “God helps those who help themselves” - “Save your money for a rainy day” Victorian Charity - Victorians committed to the idea of charity and doing good deeds - Do it in a way that protects the work ethic - Poor seen as a threat (if rich people helped them too much, they would not try and get a job) - Work house test= most charities named themselves as work houses, if you were going to get help there, you had to take the work house test. This meant you were willing to do any job that they gave you in order to get help (charity). This was so the poor wouldn’t get anything for free - Most pointless work, but they wanted to make sure they didn’t think they were going to get help for free - Children were required to do this as well ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------- Survival Strategies for Working Class Families Family St
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