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Lecture 6

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Labour Studies
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Lecture 6- Broadening Out Early= Localized - 1960’s unions joining larger unions - Broadening out of organizations - Within a trade, different workers within the same trade joining the same organization - The amount of support you can give is way larger with broadening out Growth Within Trades • International Unionism – headquarters in New York • Instead of forming own Canadian organization, the joined the broader one (International Unionism) • American unions were already big, strong, and had many resources • A lot of benefits Local Councils • Hamilton was the first, then Toronto and Montreal followed • If the employer was being unfair to one union, other unions would boycott this employer out 9 Hour Movement • Views of workers • How many hours should a worker have to work, work 6 days for as long as employer needed • 9 hour movement is the movement towards 9 hour days for 6 days a week • View that you had to keep workers busy, if you did not keep them busy they would make trouble • But workers need off to be better workers • 9 hour movement gets going in the 1870’s • They start to coordinate actions throughout the country, rotating strikes • Turning Victorianism Toronto Printers’ Strike: side swipes the 9 Hour Movement • They decide to make the 9 hour movement part of their deal they get with the employees • Brown – classic liberal, believes in free markets, George Brown gets upset when he hears about Toronto doing this. He thinks that free markets are good and unions are getting in the way. There is a huge strike starting in March 1870’s: the Toronto Printers’ Strike. • April 15 Rally- the union decides to hold a huge rally in support of the union, it was by far the largest labour protest in Canadian history. Actually the start of labour, they decided to do this all the time on a regular basis- the first Monday of September every year • Repression – George Brown gets the leaders of rally arrested. He wanted free markets. Lecture 7- Birth of the Labour Movement 11 October 8, 2013 John A. McDonald - Conservative - Built alliances - Rival to George Brown (liberal) - Passes the criminal law amendment act Political Showdown - Trade Union Act (workers usually happy with this) - Criminal Law Amendment Act - The 9 hour day is not achieved Poli
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