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David Goutor

Lecture 10- Craft Unions and the AFL- Part 1 October 16, 2013 Mixed Impacts of Boom - Lots more jobs - Less people losing their jobs - Not a lot of craft workers without work, however, they do face serious pressure and they can lose a lot of their skill and power that they used to have - They start to look to unions to strengthen their positions - They go to International Craft Unions and AFL Gompers’ Consumerism - Vs. Producerism- used to be skilled producers, but now consumerism - Bread and Butter Unionism- need to focus on wages, and economic issues like better wages - It’s in the wider debate about what is happening in the economy - Gompers is very effective in making this happen - He says that if you have lower wages, you have lower prices for the products you are making - Societies that have lower wages and everything costs very little this equals poverty - If you want to have a higher standard of living, than higher wages are the ticket to that. This would equal a more advanced society Gompers and Politics - “Reward your friends and punish your enemies” - Labour picks its issues and decides what it wants to do and picks its friends and its enemies Organizing Surge - Trades and labour congress - Approx. total of international locals in Canada • Early 1890’s = 350-400 • 1902= over 1,00
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