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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Lecture 13 Immigrant Labour- Organized Labour’s Responses Part 1 October 23, 2013 Mainstream Labour Movement - Job market concerns- always pessimistic about the job, trying to protect jobs and very weary about changes in the economy. They saw as immigration as a threat and making it worse. - Anti-Chinese and Anti-Japanese - Ralph Smith was part of liberal party. Made a job of bashing the Chinese. - Exclusion and Racism • Some exceptions • Started to speak out against anti-black migration • Wanted to improve rights and conditions for blacks • Inconsistent, bash certain races, and then want to help others • Knights very vocal about trying to get black people real freedom • Racial politics are never rational or straight-forward Radical Movement Socialist Party of Canada (very radical party, insisted that all workers are seen as workers no matter where they come from) - Immigrant traditions: • Fins and Ukrainians are the biggest. - British Columbia • SPC strongest here. They elect local MP’s. Being open to immigrants, still hostile to Chinese, however. Part 2 Industrial Workers of the World - Aka I.W.W and Wobbies - Start in Chicago, very strong in western parts of the States. They then come to Canada. British Columbia and Alberta are the main places. - “we shall be all”: inspirational organization, main motto. - Open to everyone, every race, every gender. - It did not break down the membership at all
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