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Lecture 16

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Lecture 16 – Hard Times and Survival Part 1 November 5, 2013 Roaring 20’s - Really good time, glamorous life - Making good money, living extravagant - Popular culture takes off - Early celebrities= Clara Bow, Rudolph Valentino - “Idols of consumption” – people try to look like them, act like them, etc. - Corporate power- the economy did roar, bigger household names, more powerful - Made domestic life more glamorous- dishwasher, modern stove, etc. - Ford- such a big part of the economy, switched from making model To the model A Unions: Tough Climate - In this new glamorous, roaring time, corporations and new companies look like the future and unions look like the past - 1919 hangover- large amount of labour leaders are exhausted, government continues to monitor labour organizations heavily, level of suspicion people had towards unions - “safe and Sane Unionism”- motto of craft unions in 1920’s, felt that radicalism didn’t work and wanted to show they were trying to take over cities - Propaganda • First red scare – mostly associated with the cold war, but happens in the 20’s after the Bolshevik revolution, because business leaders were very impressed with propaganda - Welfare capitalism – becomes very powerful, giving workers the sense that companies will give you things that you need - You don’t need unions because the companies are becoming more powerful - Company unions and works councils – organizations controlled by the company, give workers the sense that the company would take care and listen to them and therefore, unions were not necessary. Work councils are more like a city council but they created this council within the company, if they had particular problems they could bring them to the company and such. Limits of Prosperity - All families had to contribute to the family and help them get by- this was still the reality for many people - Percentage of population earning less than 1000 dollars: - Men – 60% and women- 82% - Popular culture again- a lot of those glamorous pop culture consumerism items were not affordable and most people could not afford them and they could not participate in pop culture Hard Times and Survival Part 2 Dirty Thirties - It was a rough time - Popular image was brutal, men lining up for a free breakfast - All photographs from that area have people sad GREAT depression - Never been a depression so bad and so long - Unemployment rocketed - Overproduction/underconsumption (Not enough money in people’s pockets to buy everything that is being produced) - Overextension – the economy gets overextende
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