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Lecture 17

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Labour Studies
David Goutor

Lecture 17- Organizations and Strategies, Old and New Part 1 November 6, 2013 Government Policy - 1920’s orthodoxy • WLM King (Prime Minister, holds to a traditional view that the spending during the war stops and that business leaders want to pull back from active government) - 19330s: More Orthodoxy – Government in Canada becomes well-known, hold to traditional values again, Canada becomes very conservative. • Relief for the poor in particular - R. B. Bennett (Prime Minister in 1930, by ’31 that Bennett has no new ideas in how to fix things so what do they do? Relief camps) • Relief camps – for people who have nothing, the army runs the camps, camps are in remote areas like Northern Ontario and rural areas in Southern Ontario, they give the people work to do but not very meaningful work. The reason for this was to just get the people out of the city and under control, prevent disruption. The relief camps are dreary. Eventually relief camps all over the country. • “Iron Heel of Ruthlessness”- Bennett says that they will crush submersion with the iron heel of ruthlessness. • King gets re-elected and earns his reputation as a stall. He makes all kinds of excuses to do nothing. King lightens the level of repression a little. Established Craft Unions - Roles of craftsman pulls away more and more - 1930s- easier on craft unions than the 20’s because they are not investing in technology Part 2 Communists- they are socialists, socializing the economy. Communists set themselves apart from other s
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