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David Bush

The Rise of Fordism Jan 17/13 What is “Idle No More”? A: Is a big rally of people due to the disposition of land and resources towards first nation people. Wealth of this country is from accumulation of dispossession Barriers to the Capitalist System  How can employers make people work?  How can employers make people work harder and more efficient? The Expansion and Consolidation of Capitalism  Capitalist enterprise rapidly expand in the middle of the 1800s across Europe and North America  Increased business competition decreased prices and ushered in an era of economic instability (1873-1896)  During this period core industries become bigger, more centralized, vertically integrated and more capital intensive o That means a business begins to control all the production of the business process. Ex. If a company is making steal, that company also controls the power source to the making of steal  As Firms gets bigger they become more capitalized. This is referred to as The Gilded Age of Robber Baror The Rise of the Working Class  This is also a period where we see the development and the rise of the working class and where people are alienated from the production of good. In addition this period includes people sell their labour in order to survive.  We also get the birth of the alienated movement  Knights of Labour arise during this period The Problem of Production  You have a rising working class and competitive market  Who controls the production process? o The workers, because they are the ones that are making the products o People who owns the businesses, they did not control the production of goods o The owners often wondered how to maximize profit Rise of Fordism 1 Scientific Management  Scientific Management is basically the break down of the working process in order control of work
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