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David Bush

Capitalism and Work January 10 2013: Lecture 1 What is the purpose of work?  To get money/wages to purchase things  Gain skills What is work?  Work is a central human activity involving the shaping of raw material to transform the conditions of our own existence o Ex. Turning Productive labour  Work for monetary remuneration (wage work)  Work that produces commodities (services, production) for exchange rather than for use o You are exchanging your labour to produce the commodity for the company  Modern conception of work Production for Use Production for Exchange  Food  For money  Cleaning  For barter  Craft  For trade  Cooking  Anything for the use of others  Anything for your own use Ex. Businesses Ex. Your own hobbies Reproductive labour  Reproductive labour is work for use. This type of work is not for wages but for your own benefit o Ex. Cleaning your kitchen in order to cook your next meal  It is work that sustains daily life  Allows is to engage in productive labour  Gendered o Majority of reproductive labour in our society is p
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