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Labour Studies
David Bush

LABR ST 1C03 January 29 , 2013 ** Key terms: Unions, Rand formula, Industrial unions, Craft unions, Business unionism, social movement unionism, revolutionary unionism Capitalism and Workers: (conflict at work) - Owners want to pay the least possible for workers to work at maximum productivity - Workers wants to be able to control as much of their work as possible and maximize their benefits - Workers have more power when acting together than they do when acting alone Guilds: - Guilds were early forms of worker organizations - They were found in highly specialized forms of labour such as printing, weaving and metalsmithing. The knowledge and supply of labour were controlled by guilds - They had a highly rigid hierarchical structure The Making of the Working Class: - The accumulation by dispossession and the industrial revolution created the conditions for the making of the working class - The working class is forced to sell its labour (potential to work) in order to make a living - Workers through a process of centralization mechanization and scientific management lost control over their work (alienation). Early Workers Organizations: - Workers organizations developed first in the specialized crafts - Craft unions or organizations were limited to those who had highly specialized skills - They were exclusively male and white Ind
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