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Dave Bush

Labour Studies 1C03 March 14, 2013 The Education System and Young Workers The Early Education System:  The early education system was run by charitable or religious organizations  Public education was only instituted in the mid late 18 thcentury  The focus of early education was on basic skills such as reading, writing, and arithmetic  Higher levels of schooling were in reality open to only the few who could afford it Youth Culture and Rebellion:  In the post war era we see the growth of youth cultures (films, music, arts)  Youth rebellion grew in response to the alienation of the fordist system (schools, work, psychiatry)  Early youth rebellion took the forms of street gangs, music, car, cultures, and art  The postwar period was a rise in enrollment in post secondary education The Student Movement:  In the 1960s students across the world begin to organize on a mass scale  Students demanded more control of their education, universal access, non Eurocentric education, greater free speech, intellectual freedom and an end to the corporatization/militarization of higher liearning  The burgeoning second wave feminist movement also challenged male centered education  Massive student strikes and occupations in the post-secondary sector were a major part of the generalized revolt against fordism The Neoliberal Turn:  The student protest of the 1960s and 1970s achieved a number of changes in post secondary education:
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