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LS 2A03E - Labour Legislation & Collective Bargaining - Guest Lecture - October 23.docx

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Labour Studies
Sam Vrankulj

LABOUR STUDIES 2A03E – UNIONS NO LECTURE OCTOBER 16, 2013 (MIDTERM) LABOUR LEGISLATION & COLLECTIVE BARGAINING - GUEST LECTURE - October 23, 2013 Labour Relations Legislation - Trade Unions Act of 1872 o Legal recognition of unions BUT o Not enforceable in law AND o No employer recognition o 9 Hour Movement, Toronto Typographers strike, George Brown - Industrial Disputes Investigation Act of 1907 o Compulsory conciliation to resolve disputes  Must go to independent arbitrator o Government Coordinated Tripartism o No employer recognition PC1003 - 1944 War Measures Act o Framework for Industrial Relations  Process to allow certification if workers chose so  50% workers sign union cards, then vote  Compulsory bargaining  Grievance and arbitration provisions to regulate interaction  1945 Rand Formula  Union dues/check off  No ‘free riders’ Employment Standards Legislation - Provincial - Ontario Employment Standards Act (1968) o Regulates wages  Minimum wage o Regulates hours of work o Regulates breaks o Regulates vacation entitlement o Regulates termination and severance - Workers not covered include: o Migrant workers are excluded from this o Federal workers (have their own) o Elected union officials o Students in unpaid internships o Students on exchange Workplace Health and Safety - Provincial - Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act - Regulates workplace environment - Internal Responsibility System o Right to participate o Right to know o
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