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LABR ST 2C03E - Jobs and Segmented Labour Markets - Oct 10.docx

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Labour Studies
Robert Storey

LABR ST 2C03E THE THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE LABOUR MOVEMENT JOBS AND SEGMENTED LABOUR MARKETS – October 10, 2013 Labour Markets: 1. Independent Primary – Bureaucratic System of Control 2. Subordinate Primary – Technical System of Control 3. Secondary – Simple System of Control Systems of control made up of three 1. Direction - Mechanism or method by which the employer directs work tasks, specifying what needs to be done, in what order, with what degree of precision or accuracy, and in what time period 2. Evaluation - Procedure whereby the employer supervises and evaluates to correct mistakes or other failures in production, to assess each worker’s performance, and to identify individual workers or groups of workers who are not performing work tasks satisfactorily 3. Discipline - Apparatus that the employer uses to discipline and reward workers, in order to elicit cooperation and enforce compliance with capitalist’s direction of the labour process Drive System Simple Control - Eliminate power of foreman - Taylor: efficiency and production Welfare Capitalism “American Plan” = non-union - Employee representation via industrial councils o “Involve” workers in decision o Discipline, grievances, sanitation, health services, safety, recreation o Council decisions not binding to company, only suggestions - Management o Promote cooperation and cooperative effort o Win-win situation - Critics: o Minimize threat of radical labour and maximize industrial efficiency Kodak - Premier photography company - George Eastman - 1881 in NY, by 1930s biggest - Leader in welfare capitalism o Eastman thought important to treat employees well o In financial position to put programs in place o Interested in protecting expensive machinery in plants  Technology and secrets that go with them o “the plant’s film-making machines were costly to stop and start, and thus operated continuously. Were a labour dispute ever to have shut down the plant, it could have inflicted serious damage to Kodak’s revenues and profits. Further, Kodak’s production technology made the firm vulnerable…” o “first steps in this direction were taken in 1897 when the company introduced an employee suggestion system with monthly prize. This was followed by the establishment of dining halls, smoking and reading rooms, a recreation program and the construction of an assembly hall for concerts and dances… nothing stabilizes a working force like having them own real estate” - Wage dividend program o Profit sharing program o Stocks paid each year to employees for performance and seniority o Ties you to company - Plant level supervision o Eliminated power of s
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