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LABR ST 2C03E - Fordism, Conflict and Consent - Oct 17.docx

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Labour Studies
Robert Storey

LABR ST 2C03E THE THEORETICAL FOUNDATIONS OF THE LABOUR MOVEMENT FORDISM: CONFLICT AND CONSENT – October 17, 2013 Role of the State - 1872 Trades Union Act o Wasn’t very effective - 1880s Factory & Workmen’s Compensation Acts o Ineffectual o Factories trying to get women and children out of the workplace  Eliminate competition o Management liability  Can take management to court to sue, but have to prove 1. No voluntarily assumption of risk 2. Didn’t contribute to accident 3. Employer negligence - 1907 Industrial Disputes Investigation Act o Must go through process to be able to go on strike, and management can’t lock them out without going through it as well - Winnipeg General Strike o Strike about collective bargaining rights o Workers lose o Army coming in to protect Winnipeg property - 1920s Cape Breton Strikes o Threaten steel workers o Collective bargaining rights - Great Depression Relief Policies o Extreme recession, so government had to intervene o Sent “troublemakers” to work camps and didn’t pay them - On To Ottawa Trek o Travel to Ottawa to fight for workers’ rights o Didn’t make it o Government stopped them on the way, lots of arrests - 1930s – No Canadian Wagner Act o Legalized trade unions in US o Membership went up o Didn’t happen in Canada - 1940 Unemployment Insurance Act - 1943 – PC1003 o
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