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LABRST 1C03 Lecture Notes - Barter, Deskilling

Labour Studies
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David Bush

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Labour Studies
Week 1 January 10 2012
Capitalism and Work
Key Terms
Productive Labour
o Work for monetary remuneration (wage work)
o Work that produces commodities for exchange rather than for use
o Modern conception of work
Reproductive Labour
o Work for use
o Work that sustains daily life
o Allows us to engage in productive labour
o Gendered
Use Value (Production for use)
o Food
o Cleaning
o Craft
o Cooking
o For your own use
Exchange value (Production for exchange)
o For money
o For barter
o For trade
o For the use of others
Alienation (Product, process, social & self)
o Enlightmenment thinkers believed:
Work is a fundamental part of the human experience. Work is the means of self-
expression and self development
But under capitalism there is an estrangement or separation of the worker from
the spirit of their labour
o From Product
No control over what one produces
No relationship with the finished object of production
Production for exchange not use
o From Process
Lack of control over the process of production
Divorcing conception and execution of labour
o Social Alienation
Workers are in completion with other for jobs
All social relationships we have are affected by our relationship with work
o From Self
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