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Summary of Experiments 1 Experiment Purpose: Determining if MSC can differentiate into AECs Hypo: If created in a particular condition as described in method, the airway-epithelium culture condition may be useful to assay for differentiation of MSCs to AECs Fig ab&c shows the state of primary human AECs after being cultured for 2 weeks & how closely they mimic the morphology & function of surface epithelium conducting airways Found: MSCs can appear differently in different conditions 1) Plastic surface  Normal condition  GFP-MSCs have slender fibro-blast like or flat polygonal cell shape 2) In mixed culture  MSCs assume epithelia like cuboidal or columnar cell shape nd 2 Experiment Purpose: Determining whether the cocultured MSCs had important epithelia-specific marker genes: CK-18 & Occludin & CFTR 1 Hypo: If it is cocultured with CK-18 antibody then MSCs should differentiate into AECs Result: Only some (as seen in fig i-k) Fig a&b shows CK-18 effect on normal AECs Fig cd, gh shows CK-18 present on GFP-MSCs 2 Hypo: If the cocultured MSCs are mixed with primary it should show Occludin Result: 10% showed presence of occluding also under fluroscent microscopy GFP-MSCs expressed occluding F
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