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LIFESCI 2AO3: RESEARCH METHODOLOGIES IN THE LIFE SCIENCES TUTORIAL 2: EXPERIME NTAL DESIGN. January 21 through 25th. Lady Tasting Coffee: A Case Study in Experimental Design By Maynard, Mulcahy and Kermick. Part A: Questions from lecture: • What is the hypothesis that will be tested in this experiment? • Why is it important to offer the woman more than just two cups (on e with the milk added first and one with the milk added second)? Explain your answer. • How many cups of coffee should the woman taste? Explain your answer. • Describe exactly how the cups should be prepared. Does every cup need to be exactly the same in every way except the order of the addition of milk and coffee? Can you actually make every cup identical? Explain your answer fully. • In what order should the cups be presented? What method or decision rules might you use to decide which cup is to be offered fir st, second, etc.? Part B: Read the R.A. Fisher paper. Part C: Tutorial In tutorial, you will be discussing a series of questions within your groups and then presenting one of the questions. You will then be given a second part to the scenario and a sec ond set of questions for open discussion with the class. The tutorial will end with a short quiz. Questions for Tutorial (to be discussed in tutorial): • Question 1: Referring to your answers to the questions in
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