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Life Sciences
Kim Dej

Hyptheisis: prediction Characteritics of Science:  Science is based on observations and data Commitment to rationally/natural explanations  Undertand what proteins are doing  Looking at biological data we cna come up with explanation Repeatabilit  Publish methods  How did you do the experiment  Come up with same data , if they are not same then something its wrong  Want observations to be repeatable  Want to ensure and rely on the data  Ex loc nes monster—not reliable , not same observations and conclusions were made, lack of reliability , Testibility  Can conduct experiment that addresses the hypotheses  Be able to design the exp  Test hypotheses  Stem cells--: have different classifcaitns  Pluortient can do anything  Some stem cells are limited ,  Multipotennt have many potentislas  Unipotent can only do one  Pluoputient stem cell for limb  Diff classifications of stem cells Commitment to the use of experimentaiton  Experimenatin Can be observation  Ex) Cut off limb and add chemicals or change genes or cells is experimentation  Label them fluoriciently in pic  Differtiate stem cells from others  See how those cells are migrating , replicating,  Exp is changing the process Generality of pricnicpels  Want to look at more than one organism ***Scientific method is often outlined  Case study: Human chromosome count  Counting experiment  Making prediction of how mnay chromoem in human cell  It was very diciult because of having the right techniques and agreeing of what a chromosome is , Didn’t have a good def of wat a c
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