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McMaster University
Life Sciences
Gautam Ullal

Lecture 12February1612305 PMOrganization of the Nervous System 2Basal GangliaMajor parts Caudate NucleusPutamenGlobus PallidusFunction involves control of movementSupporting Stereotyped movementMonotomic movements like talking with your handsProcedural memorycognitionLike driving a car motions you are not consciously aware of most of the timeDamage to this area causes Parkinsons and Huntingtons disease type symptomsSymptoms include weakness tremors rigidity of the limbs poor balance and difficulty in initiating movementsLimbic SystemFunctionEmotionsLearningSpatial MemoryClosely connected with olfactionMajor parts Papez CircuitHippocampusLearning and memoryAmygdalaEmotions especially fearFornixMammillary bodiesAnterior thalamic nucleusCingulate GyrusMajor Parts MacLean CircuitOrbitofrontal cortex anterior temporal cortex and amygdalaStory of HM showing the role of the hippocampusHM had generalized seizures for several years which could not be controlled by medicationSo they did a Bilateral Temporal Love resectionwhich controlled the seizures completelyFollowing the surgeryHM was unable to make new memories or learn anything new this is called Anterograde amnesia Antero means after and retro means before Everything else was normal about him LIFE SCI 2C03 Page 1
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