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Lecture 13

Lecture 13

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Life Sciences
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Gautam Ullal

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Lecture 13February2112302 PMMidbrain and HindbrainMidbrain The Brainstem MidbrainPonsMedulla OblongataA tumor near the brainstem is hard to remove as you can damage the surrounding area which control vital functionsBrainstem reticular formation is a highway running through the major neurotransmitternodesNucleus cluster of neurons synapses or cell bodiesVarious nuclei have different namesAlong the brain steam we have neurons which produce different neurotransmittersAll organs in the brain are neurons connected with nerve fibresThe 3 catecholamine neurotransmitters1Dopamine ventral tegmentum2Serotonin Raphe nucleusNorepinephrine cerulean nucleus3Ventral tegmentum of midbrainTegmentum the ventral part of the midbrain includes the periaqueductal gray matter reticular formation red nucleus and substantia nigraMajor dopaminergic projectionHas major dopaminergic projections toLimbic systemBasal GangliaPrefrontal cortexActivation leads to arousal drugseeking behavior impulsivityHigh levels of dopamine associated with drug addiction impulsive behaviorLow levels of dopamine in substantia nigra associated with Parkinsons diseaseThe Ventral tegmental nuclei is associated with dopamineRaphe Nucleus of brainstemFound in the brain stem their main function is to releaseLIFE SCI 2C03 Page 1
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