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Lecture 14

Lecture 14

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Life Sciences
Gautam Ullal

Lecture 14February21121033 PMCraniumThe skull bones are flat bones separated by suturelinesThey are not fused until 12 years after birthThis helps an easier delivery of the baby and allows room for bran developmentFontanelare gaps between the suture lines They are fused by 12 years after birthCraniosynostosisPremature fusion of the skull suture linesMeningesLayers of Meninges1Dura materthe outermost dense layer2Arachnoid mater the middle layer3Pia mater the innermost closely adherent to the brainDura MaterThe thickest outermost layerHas dense innervation by painfibres via trigeminal nerve 5th cranial nerveThe only layer sensitive to stretchWhen the Dura mater stretches it causes painDura forms two layersInner layerInner of the two layers fold along sagittal and transverse planesThe folds scaffold the hemispheres falx cerebriSo your brain doesnt move around act like an anchorThey contain venous sinusesVenous sinuses contain bloodVenous sinuses receive venous blood from the brainCerebrospinal fluid also drains into venous sinusesOuter LayerOuter layer of dura is attached to the skullMeningitis inflammation of meninges due to infectionBrudzinskis neck signBending of neckhip and knee bend due to irritable meninges a very important clinical sign forLIFE SCI 2C03 Page 1
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