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Life Sciences
Rashid Khan

Monday, September 9, 2013 The Science of Animal Behaviour Concepts, Methods, and Applications: Chapter 1  As long as human history has been around, animals have an impact on how we function  Scientists test hypotheses to answer research questions about behaviour o Observation to research questions based on that observation which leads to a research hypotheses -> predictions based on hypotheses -> now need a methodology to test the prediction -> you get data and now you have to analyse it and think about significance of results  The scientific method is a formal way of knowing about the natural world because of all the steps  Observation could be something you see in the field or read about in literature (so can be places outside the laboratory)  Anthropomorphic explanations: taking our human emotions/behaviours and assume that animals behave exactly the same way o For example: infatuation; "two cats are infatuated with each other" It might be something else, such as the other house where the cat is at smells nicer. o Sometimes there are things in common ie. Aggression, fear Lascaux Cave Paintings  From southwestern France  Detailed enough to present different kinds of concepts o Ie. Hunting  Extant: species is still around; opposite of extinct Altamira Cave Paintings  From northern Spain  People assume that paintings are symbolic and difficult to decipher Monday, September 9, 2013  Lots of interactions/uses for animals in modern day as well  Guide dogs/ law enforcement dogs In all these cases, people are managing animal behaviour  Animals and thus their behaviour are an integral part of human society  The study of animal behaviour is much more than watching and in
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