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Lecture 8

Lecture 8 / Online Article

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Life Sciences
Brett Beston

Lecture 8Tuesday November 01 2011700 PMBird songs Why botherOnly 3 mammals and 3 bird taxa can have vocal learningVocal learning has evolved into languageWhat is soundPressure waves travelling through airSound has higher density than air moleculesWe can create a difference in air pressure by moving objectsWe create high and low densities of soundSound waveAmplitudeloudnessFrequency pitchComplex waveformsPerfect sine saves are unnaturalSonogramVoice printsGraphical representation of frequency and amplitudeIntensity is thedarknessof their linesFrequency is the yaxisWe can use this to compose two different sound patternsThe larynx humansGenerate sound in sound wavesIn humans air passes through the sound box and we change the pitch by contracting musclesThe syrinxVibrate and produce sound when air passes through them via the lungsMTM vibrate when air from the lungs is forced over themCan produce two notes simultaneously in the chestThey have 2 passagesone produces high the other produces low notes LIFE SCI 2D03 Page 1
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