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Lecture 11

Lecture 11

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Life Sciences
Brett Beston

Lecture 11Tuesday November 29 2011700 PMIntersexual selection competition within the same sexIntrasexual selection between male and femaleWhy do males and females look differentBecause of sexual selection which is a type of natural selectionTwo things have to be working togetherNatural selection and sexual selection ability to choose matesNatural selectiondifferential survival andor reproduction of individual differing in one or more heritable traitsSexual selectiondifferential reproduction owing to variation in theability to obtain matesby individuals differing in one or more heritable traitsThe female is the choosy one WhyThe number of gametes that each gender producesTwo types of gametesFast and small1Big and slow and costly egg2There is a failure in gametes if they are medium in sizeSince the large gametes require more energy making the females choosyThere is a higher investment per gamete for femalesFemales are limited by gametes and males are limited by the number of matesTwo outcomesMales compete with other males for access to femalesFemales have some kind of role in deciding their matesMales to male competition is obvious and easy to quantifyFemales are choosy males are typically more promiscuous Females do majority of rearing of young beyond gestationEpidemic traits show wealthFemales choice in predominantMate choiceWas thought that females have no choice not trueAll males have to do is the right ritual LIFE SCI 2D03 Page 1
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