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Lecture 3

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Life Sciences
Luc Bernier

Daisyworld The Gaia HypothesisEarth is a selfregulating systemEarth has gradually gained strengthEvidence comes from research that shows a decrease in luminosity During the times where sun wasnt as strong there were more GHG because Earth was more active volcanoes were more etcGaiaas the sun was gaining strength leading to warm conditions emergence of light The Systems ApproachUsed in virtually every field of inquiryOne change that affects one system will lead to changes in another systemHuman body is an example of this o All of the systems are interrelated o Ultimately all systems contribute to maintain the human body in a healthy state The Essentials of a SystemSystem an entity composed of diverse but interrelated partsTemperature of the water temperature of the atmosphere also known as its unique quantities can be used to describe each systemHow each systems responds to changes in another system contributes to maintaining the ideal environementAll of the individual components in the pictureThere can be reservoirs of matterlithosphereReservoirs of energyplantsCan divide to large systems and sub systems o Ocean system atmosphere system etc
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