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McMaster University
Life Sciences
Luc Bernier

thFebruary 7 2013 Life Sci 2H03 Environmental Life Sciences Climate Change The Last 2000 YearsThe Last 2000 Years What are Cliamte Proxiesclimate archives that contain many indicators of past climateclimate signals form these indicators is not direct like reading temperature from a thermometer 18 eg changes in ice sheet O Records of Recent Climate Changetree rings high altitude regions good indicator of tempCaCO levels in corals tropical latitudes deposited by seawater and 3recruited by coral to form their cellsDeposition of ice volcanic ash depositsSimilar process in annual sediment varves based on thickness and coloration of sediments darker bands are organic material with low oxygen in the water lighter bands indicate decay lots of oxygen in the water column eventually the sediments under time and pressure will form rocks Biotic Proiesindication of ecology of pastpast vegetationpollen in sediments shifts in vegetation in different locations can be adapted to warm or wet conditionsbase construction on abundance of certain vegetationplankton in the ocean indicate different temperatures and the position of their shell oxygen and carbon isotopes in the shells of planktonClimate in the Northern Hemispherethe last 2000 yearsusing different proxiesthick band is averagelight is range of estimates95 confidence intervalwide range for the temperatures within this time framecooler and warmer periodsrapid increase in global temperatures
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