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McMaster University
Life Sciences
Luc Bernier

January 21 , 2013 Life Sci 2H03: Environmental Life Sciences One Ocean: Birth of an Ocean - red planet gathering material from space - water vapour entered the atmosphere as super heated steam, condensed, precipitated and cooled the planet - ocean reshape earths surface and transformed it into a planet that could support life - half the oxygen we breathe comes from photosynthetic organisms in the ocean - regulates the earth’s temperature - shark bay stromatolites: made up of layer of bacteria, sand and dirt particles adhere to these bacteria - ocean filled with anaerobic bacteria - stromatolites use pigmented cells to create food from solar energy with an oxygen by product - oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere, allowing more complex life to evolve in the ocean - stromatolites became prey for the new organisms - hydrothermal vents: powered by volcanoes, hot mineral laced water, dissolves minerals and toxic metals and boils back up to the sea floor, minerals and metals precipitate out - hydrothermal vent ecosystem works on chemosynthesis - chemical energy harness by anaerobic bacteria - basic food source is bacteria - red worm: takes microbes and bacteria and inserts it into their body so that the bacteria can do all the work for them - opening in the red worms, when they grow up it closes trapping the bacteria inside - harsh environments promote adaptation - multicellular started to take over the ocean: coral and sponge reefs make for great homes and offer a steady diet for predators - ancient reef: over 400 million years ago, barrier reefs built up in the shallow waters near the continents -
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