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Nov 11 Class Notes (+Nov 7) - Lipids - LIFESCI 2N03

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Life Sciences
Danny M.Pincivero

LECTURE 6LIFESCI 2N03Lipids November 7 2013LipidsBroad range of organic molecules that dissolve easily in organic solvents but much less soluble in waterClassificationdifferent degrees of solubility 1 Hydrophobic water fearingdo not dissolve in water will coalesce in water 2 Lipophilic fat lovingdissolve into cells without the need of a transporter get lipids out of digestive system using concentration gradient pure lipid as opposed to with carbs or proteins easy passage from digestive to cardiovascular systemMain Classes of Lipids 1 Triglycerides also called triacylglycerolsLargest category makes up most lipidsPlant and animal origin3 fatty acids connected to backboneStorage form of fatty acids in body Lipases act on triglycerides when stimulated by glucagon or epinephrine to break down triglycerides break off acids from glycerol2 PhospholipidsMakes up approximately 2 of all dietary lipidsPlant and animal sourcesSoluble in fat and waterMajor constituent of cell membranesInvolved in fatty acid transport forms outer shell of chylomicrons and lipoproteins 3 SterolsSmall percentage 2 of lipids in dietMost famousCholesterol Cells make cholesterol Precursor to hormones sex and cortisol Vitamin D and bile acids Fatty AcidsMost abundant lipid in diet storage form of lipids in body lipid used for energetic purposesUsing fatty acids for energyBetaoxidationHydrocarbon chain 424 carbons o Short Chain 6 carbons o Medium Chain610 carbons o Long Chain 12 carbonsFatty Acid Notationof C double bonds eg 18018 carbons 0 double bonds 0saturated o Eg Butyric Acid40provides flavour in butter o Eg Palmitic Acid 160 o Eg Stearic Acid 180 chocolate meat fats solid at room temperatureEffect of Chain Length o Longer Chainmore solid at room temperature o Shorter Chainmore liquid at room temperature oils 1
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