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Life Sciences
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Rosa Da Silva

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Life Science 3AO3 Health and Disease Fall 2013 Date Title Test Essay TestGrades Essay Grades th Week 1 September 5 Introduction (Dr. da Silva) th th Week 2 September 9 -13 Module 1: Depression: Mood Disorders (Dr. Minuzzi) Fri Week 3 th th Module 1: Depression: Mood September 16 -20 Disorders (Dr. Minuzzi) Fri Week 4 September 23 -27d th Module 2: Reconstruction of the Module 1&2 Essay due Essay 1: /8% nervous system following spinal Friday Sept 27th at 5pm cord injury (Dr. Scott) Fri Week 5 September 30 to October 4 th Module 2: Reconstruction of the nervous system following spinal cord injury (Dr. Scott) Fri Week 6 October 7 to October 11 th Module 3: Cirrhosis of the Liver Module 1 and 2 Test Test 1: /14% (Alex Zimmer) Friday October 11 th th th Week 7 October 14 to October 18 Module 3: Cirrhosis of the Liver Module 3 Essay due Essay 2: /8% (Alex Zimmer) Fri Friday Oct 18th at 5pm Week 8 October 21 to October 25 th Poster Instructions + Module 3 Test Test 2: /14% Presentation skills (Dr. da Silva) Wednesday October Fri 23rd Week 9 October 28 to November 1 st Module 4: Malaria: Pathogenesis & Prevention (Dr. Gilberger) Week 10 November 4 to November 8 th Module 4: Malaria: Pathogenesis Presentation abstract due Abstract: /4% & Prevention (Dr. Gilberger) Monday Nov 4 that 5pm Module 4 Essay due Friday Nov 8 at 5pm
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