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Life Sciences
Rosa Da Silva

Life Science 3AO3: Health and Disease Fall 2013 INSTRUCTORS : Dr. Rosa da Silva LSB540 email: [email protected] Dr. Luciano Minuzzi Dr. Angela Scott Alex Zimmer Dr. Tim Gilberger Dr. Ishac Nazi INSTRUCTIONAL ASSISTANT : Sunita Nadella BSB 111 email: [email protected] COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is broken into five modules that look at different topics of human health and disease. Each topic is examined from several different perspectives, from the molecular biology of the disease, through the physiological effects, to current and potential treatments. While we focus upon the cell biology, genetics, and biochemistry of each disease we also consider the social and economic factors that affect disease persistence and treatment. The concep t of disease eradication will also be considered. This term we will also look at different perspectives on drug development and design in the context of health and disease. The topics for this term: Each module is taught by the instructor indicated in bra ckets: • Module 1: Depression: Mood disorders (Dr. L. Minuzzi) • Module 2: Reconstruction of the nervous system following spinal cord injury (Dr. A. Scott) • Module 3: Cirrhosis of the liver (A. Zimmer) • Module 4: Malaria: Pathogenesis and Prevention (Dr. T. Gilberger) • Module 5: Immune-mediated platelet disorders (Dr. I. Nazi) COURSE OBJECTIVES : By the end of this course students will be able to: • Read and understand journal articles relating to basic and clinical research in human disease • Identify journal articles that pertain to written assignment questions • Write a short concept paper that summarizes journal articles • Be familiar with concepts relevant to the treatment of disease • Use the breadth of topic specific knowledge from lectures and readings to both answer both fact -based and applied questions • Use the breadth of topic specific knowledge from lectures and readings to explain the importance of continued research in the field PREREQUISITES: Life Sciences 2A03 and one of Biology 2BO3 or Biochemistry 2EE3. FORMAT : • The lectures for modules 1 through 5 are scheduled on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3:30pm. • We will also have guest lectures on various Fridays at 3:30pm that will cover topics related to medicinal drug development and design (as indicated on the course schedule by Fri) • Tests are scheduled as indicated on the course calendar. Any changes to this schedule will be posted on Avenue to Learn. This course uses Avenue to Learn to post the course outline, assignments, and other notices. Please go to to log -on to the course’s home page. COURSE EVALUATION : Four term tests, 14% each, Total of 56% Three assigned essays, 8% each: 24% Final project 20% REQUESTS FOR RELIEF FOR MISSED ACADEMIC TERM WORK Students may report absences lasting up to 5 days by using the McMaster Student Absence Form (MSAF) on-line, self reporting tool, in order to request relief for missed academic work. Students may use this tool to submit a maximum of ONE request for relief of missed academic work per term. IMPORTANT: You must put LS3A03, as the contact ([email protected]) on the MSAF form and immediately after using the online tool, students MUST contact Sunita Nadella at this
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