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McMaster University
Life Sciences
Gautam Ullal

Dualism vs. Monoism February-05-13 12:00 AM Heart vs. Brain Capilano Canyon Bridge Experiment - This experiment tests if the heart could fool the brain - Male subjects were asked to cross the bridge and then were asked a questionnaire by a sexy psychologist ○ Case 1: those who were asked immediately after crossing the bridge gave answers that were very sexual ○ Case 2: males were asked 10 minutes after crossing the bridge and showed no signs of sexual arousal at all Theoriesof emotion Common sense view - Perceive a bear -> feeling of fear -> physiological response James-Lange View - Perceive a bear -> physiologicalresponse -> feeling of fear Cannon-Bard/View - Perceive a bear -> Feeling of fear + physiological response - This theory states that the expression and experience appear simultaneously and that there is NO feedback connection between experience and expression Modern View - Similar to cannon-bard except there IS a feedback connection between experience and expression - This explains why the males misinterpret their increased heart rate response from crossing the bridge as a sign of sexual arousal Brain for mind and behavior - Hippocrates mentions that the Brain is the center of intellect and behavior, which is influenced by fluids Dualism vs. Monism Dualism - Mind and body are seen as different entities. The "thought substance" is different from the "physical substance", energ
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