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Lecture 3

LIFESCI 3C03 Lecture 3: Guest Lecture 3 - Aneesh Bose

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Life Sciences
Ayesha Khan

Background Information on Plainfin Midshipman Fish: Characteristics: Come from the toadfish family Live in the deep sea (200 400 m)and live predominantly in salt water Present on WestCoast (Alaska to Mexico) Dots present on them are photophores that glow in the dark During the summer they migrate from deep seas to shallow intertidal shores to breath (this is where they are studied tidal zones) Mating Behaviours: Males burrow (form cavities) under rocks in order to bread (most of their time is spent under such rocks) Males once they find their mating grounds will began to sing that sound similar to phone vibrations (humming) in order to attract females Well adapted muscles on the side of their swim bladder help produce these vocalizations (one of the fastest twitching muscles in invertebrates) Females do not vocalize as much and have significantly smaller organs and lack required specific muscles for vocalization The females lays and glues her eggs to the underside of the rock in which the male has burrowed Males guard the eggs for about 2 months Phases of Scientific Research through Trip 2 of 5: Research Question: What happens when you swap eggs between nests? Steps Needed In Order to Start Field Season: 1. Choosing a Field Site: Dabob Bay, Washington Must choose a spot where the fish are and will return constantly every year Must be a place easily to walk around and move Close to road but away from the general population Must have backup spots just in case 2. Scheduling: Intertidal zones have 2 high tides and 2 low tides and thus must work between the 2 high tides Timing of the tides is constantly changing and must keep up with the schedule
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