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Materials Science and Engineering

1 Materits13113 A Refined Model forsis 2 Theproiusstonrpfetmtelhrmduhendewdctr Cut-of ▯f ▯ ▯ 3 of an old generator -12 of a new generator, and creates a -12 Expand tAesusdsntlsaylof1riifo10en Formu ▯lation ▯f the Problem 4 : s for = As cannot be inverted because it is not square Cannot solve A Impos sible Solution ▯ 5 approach) -zero numbers for the flow Add hRiothat are to be cut-off by zeros Possib 1le T2.cks around the Problem 6 a2d are emitted from making a generator 2 Makeneomtothrndeda,3,tr,antahowpm 1. Technology Matrixrocess to the 7 can now be inverted, and results in Add ttix2 pAcesses to the Technology Hollow ▯ Process ▯Solution 8 -Zeros with Zeros ThusmtwihseherTeecosology Matrix square, 2. Rep ▯lacing Non 9 and in the A f Parfinal demand vector,cut-off in 3. Technology Matrixt-off Flows from the 10 Solvevtiuusyplroparnoftleuatsttmecust-off economic flow Solutio▯n ▯ 11 and the A’ A” Thbetwioseeansolnsblletenyetlaturepn Selecti▯on of C▯ ut-off Technique 12 -products & by-products) 2 o2o1re3reeunpurdsef1lco- UnuiteCulhsbeuuctegnor:oddacecmroregtto Multif ▯uncti▯onality & Allocation 13 and NaOH by electrolysis of NaCl 2 PrductontrnofCllofngssihgrrnordacn Fun▯cionFut▯ctonslihatareychosreneosb CalinkssinbthecmtuglirzRcdoacaltr:ingftoat Multi functionality & A ▯llocation 14 -generates heat for municipal or industrial Ascoheeahat heseAms,imtd1eoMnaetiri Formu ▯lation of the P▯roblem 15 s cannot be inverted since it is not A If the dHaosquarel-determihedfsyec No So lution t▯ thi▯Problem 16 -alone 2 -alone process ThekWahJtmehtoeogtyhardttaaheofareetfsk The Substitution Method 17 : s’ NenvTeredhelnewMscoripaveduor,hthe c The Substitution Method ▯ 18 -alone -alone fuel is avoided -production Scauiafmsoenrhproheemsiinnegatiss, since it takes away from ComCopa▯rison▯with Original Process without 19 -Production Intervention Matrix for the ConaliFiowparo ▯ ▯ ▯ - 20 -gen2r2tion process AllEthvronmcentaprodrbduceftinuanofhe Comp arison of En ▯vironmental Flows 21 -alone, WhIat seneftvatle,h,butrhpd?aovehdea Other ▯Issues in the S▯ubstitution 22 - A’ different heat quality e.g. -generation example)
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