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Mechanical Engineering
Eu- Gene Ng

Surface hardening of steel Method to produce properties that vary throughout the material • Selective heating of the surface • Alter the surface chemistry • Deposition of an additional surface layer Surface properties that are established by surface treatment • flame hardening o Uses an oxy-acetelene flame to raise the surface temperature to refor austentire o surface is then quenched to form martensite o Tempered to a desired hardness o Poor depth control • Induction Hardening o Steel part is placed inside a conductor coil and alternation current is used to change the surface of the steel o Rate and depth of heating can be controlled with high repeatability and accuracy (precise) o Ideal for round bars or cylindrical parts • Laser Beam Hardening o Beam onto the surface and the zinc or phosphate coating which are applied earlier to the steel to increase its absorption efficiency o Depth and rate of heating is controlled by the beam size, beam intensity, and scanning speed o Parts that are of high value o The electron beam hardening process i
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