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Lecture 25

MEDRADSC 2Z03 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Asteroid Family, Hydrocele, Cystadenoma

Medical Radiation Sciences
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Dawn Danko

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Case 99 – Hypernephroma of the Kidney
Imad Azouka
Clinical History:
A middle aged male patient complaining of pain in the right flank with general
tiredness and ill health for the last one year.
Case 99 - Figure 2
Case 99 - Figure 1
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Case 99 - Figure 4
Case 99 - Figure 3
Ultrasound Scan Findings:
Large solid well encapsulated mass is seen in the upper pole of the right Kidney. The
lesion displays heterogeneous texture with echogenicity similar to the normal renal
CT scan Findings:
There is evidence of a large solid mass measuring 5.8 x 5.2cm seen in the posterior
aspect of the upper portion of the right kidney with higher attenuation that the
normal renal parenchyma. The mass appears heterogeneous showing thick and
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