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Molecular Biology
Jeff Landry

Surname 1 Name: Class: Tutor: Date of submission: Introduction In recent past there have wide range of reports of violation of human rights to immigrants in many parts of the world, Canada included. The migrant workers have been subjected to harsh conditions of work environment a good example of this is recent reports of foreign workers in Qatar involved in the construction of world cup stadiums. The workers were subjected to long hours of working in hot weather, poor living conditions, poor pay and their passport-confiscated. Workers should be treated with human dignity and given ample time to relax and. Article 1: Migrant worker in Leamington awarded $23K in damages unwind In July 29 2013 Toronto star reported about the story of Adrian Monrose who was farm worker who was fired because he complained of mistreatment by the by management of the farm in Ontario. He had a wife and three children to look after. The farm management did not care that he had a family to look after. This meant that his children would miss to go to school and food on the table. It is reported that the management of the double diamond acres limited which is specialized in growing of tomato referred to its workers as monkeys and delay their payment. Surname 2 The workers had no place to voice or address their complaints against been called monkeys and poor condition of work. Anyone who tried to resist and speak out risked losing their jobs and sent home. This instilled fear in the workers. Monrose took courage and tried to talk to the management of the firm so that they can treat the workers as humans for once. He got shock of his life, the management of the firm handed him dismissal letter without pay or explanation of his termination of employment. Monrose could not take this lay down and fought for his rights and other workers in the human rights tribunal of Ontario for compensation and restoration of respect upon workers. The tribunal ruled on his favor and handed him $23,500 as compensation. The firm was forced to hire an expert who will review the working conditions of workers and restore harmony in the farm. This is a landmark ruling. It works as a warning to human rights oppressors and make people at work place to relate and work as professionals. Article 2: Migrant workers rally for human rights on Father’s Day th In June 19 the migrants from Mexico and other Caribbean’s countries took to the streets under their organization [agriculture workers alliance] to rally their displeasure of not getting time off. They cannot even celebrate father’s day. They work from Monday to Monday. They can get a chance to visit their families back home or just to invite them over just for a day. This is violation of their rights for association. The workers are also denied their rights of collective bargaining with their employers. They are not given an avenue to ask for better pay or as for other benefits. This has d
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