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Lecture 5

MMEDIA 1A03 Lecture 5: Week 6

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Robert Hamilton

Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Week 6 According to Sir Ken Robinson, our current system of education is based on: - An economic structure of globalization and an information society - A particular intellectual model of the mind that came from the enlightenment Sir Ken Robinson States ADHD is: - A serious problem in education today - Effectively addressed through advancements in medication - Produced by our culture of constant bombardment and distraction Sir Ken Robinson states schools: - are organized like factories - promote conformity and standardization - sort students into academic and non-academic tracks Divergent Thinking - Expand our brains — looking for new opportunities and ways to do things - Rather than follow a linear path, it forces you to see different aspects and consider new approaches - The more abstract and absurd ideas might provide more possibility for a solution - Brainstorming is a tool of divergent thinking — but not the only one - Creative writing process is not simple - Original and creative ideas come from combining existing concepts in a new way 1 Tuesday, February 7, 2017 - Divergent thinking produces a wide range of ideas — ideas which tend to be the building blocks of a new approach and a viable solution Feb 10, 2017 // Design Design Is… - Aesthetics - communicating visually through images, typography, colour, shape, line and texture - Ideas - A visual language for communicating concepts - Commercial - Design involves a client - Form - the structure, design, or arrangement of a work of art or piece of writing, as opposed to its content - Content - the meaning or message contained in a creative work distinct from its appearance, form or style Barrett and Photographs Roland Barthes - French semiotician… cultural signification - 2 signifying processes: - Denotation: literal, descriptive, formal - Connotation: suggestive, implied, representative, meaning 2 Tuesday, February 7, 2017 Analyzing Photographs Roland Barthes — analysis of the Panzani advertisement: Denotative — what does the picture show? Connotative — what does the picture communicate? - How is the product name, Panzani, both denotative and connotative The 20 Rules For Making Good Decision - Reminder… - rules can be broken but never ignored - rules exist as guidelines - breaking the rules often leads to true innovation - beneficial to know which rules are considered important and why Rule #1: Have a Concept - a design can be incredibly beautiful, but if there is no message,
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