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Rita Cossa

The Medium is Still the Message: Jan 13 Stop Motion Animation • form of animation, film technique where objects are photographed frame by frame and brought to life • Norman McLaren: animator who pioneered many forms of animation • stop motion was used for hollywood films like King Kong (1963) mixture of live action with miniature skeletons • contemporary stop motion is digital now but some still use stop motion • Winona, Winona Peach festival, combination of stop motion and time-lapse • pes stop motion, western spaghetti, fresh guacamole by pes • history of typography - animated short Technology Transforms Everyday Life: Jan. 16 Transformations of Everyday Life • digital technologies are part of the fabric of everyday life and are integral to our experience of the world • these technologies don’t simply assist us in our daily life they shape our daily life: our work, our play, our relationships • Readings McLuhan - Understanding Media, the Extensions of Man • Self amputation prevents self recognition, when wanting to detach your self from your body, you cannot recognize yourself • we often want to detach ourselves from our bodies by seeking technology • comfort removes irritant, therapy is a counter-irritant to the desire for self amputation • the body is not enough to protect itself from mechanism, technology is becoming an extension of the nervous system • the overstimulation of one sense causes other senses to numb, the stimulation that technology brings causes our perceptions and our capacity to be observant to diminish • every new type of technology becomes an extension of ourselves however it also creates a different balance of how the senses are distributed and used • we are fragmented by our technologies and they have also become a self amputation of ourselves • to use technology as an extension of ourselves, it is necessary to embrace it • group pressures cause people to invent technology • “social consciousness” as a cause of guilt feelings • "in the electric age we wear all of mankind as our skin” • technology extends our abilities, wheel instead of feet, messages instead of voice • dont know how to survive without technology • heightened anxiety • technology is a reflection of ourselves • build our identities through reflected screen
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